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Coonhound puppies california

Hes 4 yrs old hes trained to be able to give paw knows fetch knows sit and lay down.

coonhound puppies california

He is also trained to be told to go into his crate when told. Rescued at eight weeks old. He was the runt and was starved and had some. Copper is a strong young Hound looking for a home to appreciate him.

He s about years old and needs lots of exercise. He enjoys going on walks and is working…. Butch is a adorable lover boy. We think he was an outside dog but now trained to be an inside dog. He follows commands very well. W est lbs Donation adoption….

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Age yrs old W lbs Kinley is a loving wonderful and exuberantly friendly Hound Dobie mix. She has the most stunning grey coat with tan accents. She loves…. Visit Bears webpage visit our website for additional photos and more. PBSOC offers adoption counseling via email for large-breed…. Visit Henrys webpage visit our website for additional photos and more. I am a black dog Many shelters believe that black dogs do not photograph well….

Sort Dogs by Breed Black and Tan Coonhound. Color Black. Gender Male.However they are not pictured below, these little red bone pups are sold because our puppies go so FAST!!

These little coonhound puppies have already been sold and have made it to their new homes. Our unique characteristics shine through every redbone coon hound pup we have for sale. So because of our redbone coonhound DNA your redbone coonhound pup will resemble these red bone puppies. We have seen so MANY happy faces.

We offer top quality champion red bone coon hounds at stud, and redbone coonhound puppies for sale.

Adopt Black and Tan Coonhound Dogs in California

Our redbones are bred to make their families happy no matter what road they take them down. Companionship is what we take to be the most special of all the genetics of the Redbone.

Each and every one of our litters are filled with pups that are very good natured and beautiful to look at. And we would like to thank everyone who has shown such a great interest our Redhot Redbone coonhound pups.

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Kennel Blow Out Sale! Due to health and age related issues ALL the kennel is for sale!! Call Ronnie today!United Kennel Club UKC is an international dog registry celebrating bonds, rewarding ability, and preserving the value of a pedigree. We use cookies to capture information such as IP addresses and tailor the website to our clients' needs.

We also use this information to target and measure promotional material. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. This is a list of breeders who currently have litters or have previously registered litters with United Kennel Club. UKC charges a fee for inclusion in this list and these breeders have paid that fee. UKC does not license, endorse, guarantee or recommend breeders. In providing you with this list, UKC makes no representations as to the character or reputation of any breeder listed or to the quality, health, soundness or suitability of any puppy you may decide to obtain from any listed breeder.

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It is your responsibility to determine if any puppy you may obtain from a breeder is healthy, sound and meets your requirements. UKC accepts no responsibility for the information contained in this list. Download the Breeder's Showcase application form here. I Accept United Kennel Club UKC is an international dog registry celebrating bonds, rewarding ability, and preserving the value of a pedigree. Registration Breeds Find a Breeder.

Contact: Shell Abbott Contact: Anita P Traufler Contact: Nancy Gessner Contact: James Maynard Contact: Elizabeth Bathory moc. Contact: Jose Romero Birdwing Beaucerons website Floyds Knobs, Indiana. Contact: Susan Griffin moc. Contact: Nikki Douglas moc. Contact: Karen Amos Contact: Dena Stewart Contact: Lance Thompson moc. Contact: Vincent Pace Contact: Heidi Wolfgang moc. Contact: Danny Blevins Contact: Jong Joon Lee moc.

Contact: Andria Vargas Contact: Connie Darby ude.This breed is square or slightly longer than tall, with moderate bone. The hair is short but dense, providing an all-weather-protective coat. The expression is alert, friendly, and eager. The stride is easy and graceful, with head and tail held high.

The Coonhound has a deep voice. A true American breed, the Black and Tan Coonhound probably originated from crosses of the Bloodhound and the Foxhound, particularly the black and tan Virginia Foxhound. The Black and Tan Coonhound developed mostly in the Appalachian, Blue Ridge, Ozark, and Smokey Mountains, where these dogs were used to hunt raccoons and bears over fairly rugged terrain. They trailed in the fashion of their Bloodhound ancestors, with nose to ground but at a somewhat swifter pace.

Although they would trail any mammal, they specialized in raccoons and opossums, often trailing at night. The dogs would bay when the quarry was treed. The AKC recognized the breed in —the only coonhound breed the AKC recognized for decades—and is now popular as a pet. Not the prototypical member of the household, the Black and Tan Coonhound, nonetheless, makes an exemplary pet.

Puppies for Sale, Dogs for Sale from Dog Breeders

This dog is mellow, amiable, calm, and unobtrusive indoors. Outdoors, this breed can be difficult, if not impossible, to turn from a track after trailing a scent. As befitting a dog with this heritage, the Coonhound is strong, independent, and stubborn.

While gentle and tolerant with children, but they may be too independent to satisfy a playful child. They are reserved with strangers. They may bay and howl. The Black and Tan is a dog that can run for miles, although is usually content with a moderate jog or long walk, with an occasional excursion into the field.

2 Year-Old, Coonhound "Dixie" - Amazing Transformation - Best Ecollar Trainers

They can wander if they catch a scent, so a safe area is mandatory. Their coat needs only occasional brushing.They get tons of love and attention from day one! We have 3 acres with horses, goats, and chickens so these puppies are well exposed and get lots of excersise daily.

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Darlin' is a very loving mother and teacher. She is the best dog I have ever had and very much so the baby in our house. She is very well socialized and gets along with everyone!

coonhound puppies california

She has a great disposition and is also a great watch dog! Thank you for showing interest in Darlin's puppies!

Hope to hear from you soon. Size: The Bluetick Coonhound has a shoulder height of cm in and weighs kg lbs. Bluetick Coonhounds are lithe and muscular in appearance, with head and tail carried high. Coat: The Bluetick Coonhound has a short, slightly coarse, glossy coat.

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Its distinctive navy blue coat comes from black and white mottling. Black markings on the head and ears are permissible; black is also allowable on the body but dark blue should predominate. Character: The Bluetick Coonhound is loyal and intelligent. It has a variety of barks for different situations and makes an excellent watchdog. Bluetick Coonhounds are good problem solvers who should not be restrained to a small house or yard.

They bark frequently and tend to drool, especially when they smell human food. Temperament: The Bluetick Coonhound will bark at and sniff strangers, but this is actually their method of greeting and does not indicate aggressiveness.

The Bluetick Coonhound is always ready to sound the alarm when bothered by someone or something creeping around. Bluetick Coonhounds have a high tolerance for children and other animals, provided they have been socialized when young. Due to no fault of her own Susie Q Is in need of a new forever home! She is great with kids and other dogs. She is very friendly with people. Her cons are that she is kenneled all day and does not get the exercise a coonhound needs. She is a little over a year old current on all shots and vet checks.

She is spayed. She is a love definitely thinks she is a lap dog.

coonhound puppies california

Very strong! Please contact the number below if you are interested in this pretty baby!Beagle Female, 3 years, 51 weeks Jonesboro, Arkansas. Champion Bloodlines Show Potential.

We have a litter of beagles due in late April. We specialize in raising quality beagles and take pride in our dogs and in their representation of the breed. Our beagles have Learn more View Details. Australian Shepherd Male, 3 weeks Fayetteville, Arkansas. He is 1 of 9 puppies in his litter. Born March 21st. He will be Ready for his Furever home on May 16th. The parents are Roxy Australian Shepherd Female, 41 weeks Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is very friendly and playful.

She is 1 of 9 puppies. Born July 2nd. Ready for their Furever homes August 27th. Suzy 50 pounds and Levi Australian Shepherd Female, 9 weeks Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is 1 of 6 puppies. Born Feb 12th. Ready for their Furever homes April 8th. German Shepherd Male, 2 weeks Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ready May 22nd. Zoie 80 pounds and Walker 95 pounds are the parents.

Dew Claws arePre came to me this past month from the animal rescue shelter. He is a brindle pit bull, he's a very playful dog and loves to cuddle and sleep with you…. This is chunk he was the first born. He is the most mellow. He shows that he will be a good guard of his home he barks when anyone comes to his house.

Mowgli is a attractive and unique dog. His dad is a pure Bluetick Coonhound and his mom is a black German Shepherd. Mowgli turned a year old this February…. Hi I m Hawk A and I m an active boy. I m a nice dog and with a little training I Pictures and contact information on Advertigo website. Balto is 1 of the smartest dogs you will ever meet. He even learned how to clean up his toys and put them away.

However, he was attacked by a pitbull as…. We are helping this dog's owner find a new home for her. Unfortunately the owner is in an apartment that is not working out for this girl. Charlotte is….

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I fade from the light Your glory was lost that night And no mind can t get me right And now I Pictures and contact info on Advertigo website. Sort Dogs by Breed Bluetick Coonhound. Color Brindle.

coonhound puppies california

Gender Male. View Details. Age Puppy. Mowgli Bluetick Coonhound Young Male. Color Black. Color Brown. Gender Mixed. Breed Australian Shepherd.